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Largest manufacturer of Industrial motors in Americas (North & South)


WEG motors have a reputation as a highly reliable product that can give years of trouble free service. WEG has been identified as being among the “100 global challenger” companies that are surpassing multi-national companies in the US and Europe and are having a profound impact on the global economy.


The following range of unique high quality products are offered by Clarion:


  • 3 phase induction motors in standard efficiency as well as premium efficiency categories according to IEC 34
  • Super efficiency category motors exceeding IEC 34 standards
  • Special design that suits applications with VSD/VFDs
  • Induction and synchronous motors from fractional HP to 50,000kW with voltage range from 220V to 13.8kV
  • DC Motors up to 10,000kW and voltage range from 100 to 800Vdc
  • Fused Disconnectors
  • Motor Protection & Starters
  • Other Control Products


22 ways, UNIQUE to WEG that improve your motor efficiency and save your money.

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