Surge Protection Solutions (for Electrical Equipment)

Imported directly from CZECH Republic, Europe

Did you know that they Reduce Maintenance costs; estimated saving of 17.5%*
Hakel Products Protection

CZECH Republic, Europe

Our partner for 12 years. Several hundred customers including a leading bank with all their branches and ATMs protected resolving years of damages due to Surges.

*Lightning and man-made SURGES cause visible and invisible damage that shorten the life span of electronic an electrical equipment but most mistakes them for equipment failures and such costs can be saved by HAKEL protectors. i.e. Saves money on your maintenance costs.

‘Nothing can fail in an aircraft during flight, likewise when lightning strikes, protection system MUST work or else you risk your assets or even life. 2nd best won’t be good enough.    ‘


  • Highest Quality European Surge Protector that is guaranteed to work when lightning strikes
  • 100% manufactured in Europe for sale mostly in Europe & tested in Sri Lanka for decades, i.e. not a low spec product made for developing countries
  • HAKEL is No 1 in the Czech Republic and a leader in the EU and several other countries
  • Highest protection level (Up) available in Sri Lanka
  • Full range of protectors for any type of application ex-stock
  • HAKEL will design for your specific requirements and applications too
  • Warranty: You won’t need it, but we give 5 years for most protectors.


Clarion has provided Surge Protection Solutions for over 18 years and protected several hundred leading companies (see customer list) including all branches and ATMs of a leading bank resolving serious surge problems that troubled them for years.



HAKEL offers a full range of Surge protection Devices to suit every application; industry, offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, railway and transportation systems and Hakel undertakes to develop Protectors for customer specific applications too.


Available mostly ex-stock:

  • Power Protection – Class 1,2,3
  • Protection for IT Networks
  • Telecom Protection
  • CCTV Protection
  • Fire control equipment Protection
  • Medical equipment Protection
  • Aviation equipment Protection
  • Railways equipment Protection
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems Protection
  • Protectors for customer specific applications