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Nothing can fail in an aircraft during flight, likewise when lightning strikes, protection system MUST work or else you risk your assets or even life.


  • Highest Quality European Surge Protector that is guaranteed to work whenlightning strikes
  • Industry & business are operated by complicated electronics which can be damaged by surges causing serious production & other losses.
  • HAKEL offers a full range of Surge Protection Devices for every application: industry, office, bank, hotel, hospital, school etc.
  • No 1 in Czech Republic and in several other countries and exported around the Globe.
  • Highest protection level (Up) available in Sri Lanka.
  • Warranty: You won’t need it, but we give 5 years for most protectors.


No 1 in the Czech Republic and a leader in the EU and several other countries, HAKEL offers a full range of Surge protection Devices for every application.


  • Highest protection level available in Sri Lanka
  • High quality product made in Europe for sale in Europe and developed countries
  • Highest quality components mostly made in-house


Clarion offers a full range of HAKEL Surge protection Devices for suitable every application, mostly ex-stock:


  • Power Protection – Class 1,2,3
  • Protection for IT Networks
  • Telecom Protection
  • CCTV Protection
  • Fire control equipment Protection
  • Medical equipment Protection
  • Aviation equipment Protection
  • Railways equipment Protection
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems Protection

Hakel undertakes to develop Protectors for customer specific applications too

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