Truly a world Leader in power and automation technologies. Many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. ABB solutions improve efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what ABB does and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB.

Founded in 1883, ABB is the world’s largest manufacturer of drives and motors. They have over 120 years of innovative experience and technological breakthroughs. They employee 120,000 in over 100 countries and sell one million products worldwide every single day. ABB spends more than $1 billion on Research and development, employ 8,000 scientists and support 70 university collaborations around the world. Ceylon Electricity Board has been using ABB products for over 50 years.

We are happy to offer the following ABB products, well proven the world over to save your money.

  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Automation Systems
  • Automation Components & Accessories
  • Soft-Starters

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If you need special Contactors & controls suitable for toughest and hazardous conditions, Benedict is designed for such conditions.

BENEDICT, the 90 year old Austrian Leader with decades of experience in Research & Development in Low Voltage Switchgear that clearly distinguishes from their competitors through their special features & excellent reliability. They are market leaders for Capacitor Switching Contactors and worldwide number one in PFC industries.

Benedict switchgear is built to the highest technical standards. Where highest safety and current carrying capacity are required and where there are toughest conditions, Benedict will be the best.

Benedict Power Control Components have proved its durability in Sri Lanka for over 15 years. Nearly 1170 leading companies in Sri Lanka use these highly reliable Benedict Components mostly with capacitor systems.

We offer a wide range of high quality power control products from Benedict:

  • Contactors, Motor-Starters
  • Contactors, RAST 5
  • Switches
  • DC-Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic
  • Circuit Breakers, Load Feeders
  • Capacitor Switching Contactors
  • Manual Motor-Starters
  • Main Switches
  • Push Buttons
  • Modular Contactors & switches

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Global leader in Power Factor Correction & Energy Management

Ever since its inception in 1928 FRAKO has maintained a technological lead globally.

In the intervening decades with strong R & D, an immense wealth of experience has been accumulated with low-loss MKP design. Today this experience forms the basis for our worldwide technological lead in power capacitors. Frako’s specialized skills lie in understanding the complex interplay of the physical, chemical and electrical factors involved.

It is precisely this knowledge base that creates the special ‘alchemy’ of FRAKO capacitors: heavy-duty units with minimum failure rates, capable of serving for well over a decade even in power networks seriously polluted with harmonics.

With over 80 years of expertise, Frako is No. 1 in Germany and in many other countries around the world It’s 30 year proven track record in Sri Lanka with over 1170 leading companies is unmatched.

Clarion is proud to say that the following high quality products have saved over Rs. 2.1 billion for our customers in the past 30 years:

  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Capacitor Contactors
  • Reactive Power Control Relays
  • Energy Management Systems.

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Nothing can fail in an aircraft during flight, likewise when lightning strikes, protection system MUST work or else you risk your assets or even life.

  • Highest Quality European Surge Protector that is guaranteed to work whenlightning strikes
  • Industry & business are operated by complicated electronics which can be damaged by surges causing serious production & other losses.
  • HAKEL offers a full range of Surge Protection Devices for every application: industry, office, bank, hotel, hospital, school etc.
  • No 1 in Czech Republic and in several other countries and exported around the Globe.
  • Highest protection level (Up) available in Sri Lanka.
  • Warranty: You won’t need it, but we give 5 years for most protectors.

No 1 in the Czech Republic and a leader in the EU and several other countries, HAKEL offers a full range of Surge protection Devices for every application.

  • Highest protection level available in Sri Lanka
  • High quality product made in Europe for sale in Europe and developed countries
  • Highest quality components mostly made in-house

Clarion offers a full range of HAKEL Surge protection Devices for suitable every application, mostly ex-stock:

  • Power Protection – Class 1,2,3
  • Protection for IT Networks
  • Telecom Protection
  • CCTV Protection
  • Fire control equipment Protection
  • Medical equipment Protection
  • Aviation equipment Protection
  • Railways equipment Protection
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems Protection

Hakel undertakes to develop Protectors for customer specific applications too

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Only the highest quality protection will do when lightning strikes. Like an aircraft in the sky, everything must work flawlessly to avert disaster.

 To guarantee this, only Franklin France designed with several features UNIQUE to Franklin France:

  • Three different autonomous power sources to ensure that the protector never fails when a lightning strikes. This makes Franklin France uniquely No competitor offers the above.
  • Only Franklin France covers an area of 79 meters radius of Level I protection
  • making Franklin France unique ‘value for money’.
  • Franklin France Active 2D offers a remote tester that checks if the arrestor functions properly. Another unique for Franklin France.
  • FRENCH ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY has collaborated in developing the original design, Unique

Lightning Conductors -Early Streamer Emission (ESE) to protect buildings or outdoors with the following radii of coverage.

 Complete range of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) conductors are available to protect any building or space against lightning:

  • Active 2D60 (79m Radius)
  • Active 2D30 (48m Radius)
  • Active 1D25 (43m Radius)
  • Active 1D12 (29m Radius)
  • Remote tester
  • Counter
  • Strom warning systems

Solar & wind power sources are available on Active 2D60 & 2D30 products.

Note – Unique REMOTE TESTER where you can test the functionality of the conductor

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You probably can’t look more than 100 metres in any direction without seeing something Luvata has added value to.

Luvata plays a vital part in improving end-products and the way they’re made. We supply components and materials for:

  • Heat transfer technology for everything from fruit storage and transportation to the biggest, most challenging buildings and processes in the world
  • Resistance-welding technology for the latest alloys and most efficient automotive production lines in operation
  • Superconductors for the cutting-edge of science from MRI scanners to space-age research and energy generation for the future of the planet
  • Switchgear, bus bars and power technology for the process, power and offshore industries
  • State-of-the-art electronic technology from anodising to on-board circuit coolers; from solar panels for cleaner energy to the core of the most popular electronic batteries
  • and, of course, some of the most important and advanced production technology in the world.

Luvata has 36 production facilities around the world.

We offer the following LUVATA products ex-stock:

  • Earthing Solutions
  • Bus-Bars
  • Copper Tapes
  • Meshed (Faraday) Cage – BS & IEC standards
  • Finial Rods.

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Largest manufacturer of Industrial motors in Americas (North & South)

WEG motors have a reputation as a highly reliable product that can give years of trouble free service. WEG has been identified as being among the “100 global challenger” companies that are surpassing multi-national companies in the US and Europe and are having a profound impact on the global economy.

The following range of unique high quality products are offered by Clarion:

  • 3 phase induction motors in standard efficiency as well as premium efficiency categories according to IEC 34
  • Super efficiency category motors exceeding IEC 34 standards
  • Special design that suits applications with VSD/VFDs
  • Induction and synchronous motors from fractional HP to 50,000kW with voltage range from 220V to 13.8kV
  • DC Motors up to 10,000kW and voltage range from 100 to 800Vdc
  • Fused Disconnectors
  • Motor Protection & Starters
  • Other Control Products

22 ways, UNIQUE to WEG that improve your motor efficiency and save your money.

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The third largest Solar Wafer Manufacturer in the world

High Quality product and yet Best value for money, that’s what Clarion has offered to our customers for 3 decades and now we have tied up with this global giants to offer you a Solar PV Power System with technologically advanced and time tested solar PV panels that are guaranteed to perform and yet comes to you at an affordable price. Just look at it’s track record:

  • One of the largest solar companies on New York Stock Exchange
  • Total capacity of 3.1 GW worldwide
  • 15 European and US banks have financed 377MWp projects in USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and in dozens of other countries
  • Micro crack-proof packaging patent
  • Sales & Support in 59 centres worldwide
  • Conforms to IEC 61215:2005, IEC 61730:2004, UL 1803 PV standards
  • ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 certified

Warranty25 year Linear Power Output 10 year Material & Workmanship.

We offer Renesola Solar PV Panels to suit solar power system of any size, ex-Stock.

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This global giant is reputed to be the best Inverter manufacturer in the world. Like Clarion has done for 3 decades, we have tied up with this global giant to offer you a Solar PV Power System with technologically advanced and time tested Inverter that is guaranteed to give you the best return on your solar PV system.

  • Market leader in Sri Lanka as well for Solar PV Inverters
  • Winner of over 25 awards for innovation and technology
  • Over 5000 employees in twenty one countries
  • 1000 Research Scientists and Engineers in R & D
  • 90 customer Service Centres globally
  • Over 3 GW of SMA Solar Inverters are installed globally

A full range of Inverters to suit solar power system of any size are available ex-Stock from Clarion:

  • Single Phase Inverter 1.2kW-1.5kW
  • Single Phase Inverter 2.1kW
  • Single Phase inverter 3kW-5kW

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Improved ‘Value for Money’- A company owned by SMA, The world’s largest manufacturer of Solar Inverters

“At Zeversolar, we believe the world would be a better place if everybody had easy access to the cleanest energy. And we have a clear vision on how to change the world. Through our easy to use, affordable and reliable photovoltaic inverters, we want to bring the power of the sun to everybody. By enabling more and more people to switch to solar power, we will start a movement that will change the world day by day.

We started in 2007 with an idea of simple and affordable photovoltaic inverters that everybody could use. We were soon one of the biggest producers of inverters in China. By 2009 our idea grew into a movement, spreading to Europe and Australia.

We are starting the change today. With ourselves. With our products and services that reflect our vision of revolutionising the access to solar power. They spread our values of equality, simplicity and inclusion by giving the power of the sun to the world.” Philosophy as explained by Zeversolar.

Clarion offers a range of Inverters from 1 kW to …… kW ex-stock:

  • Single Phase String Inverter 1kW-3kW
  • Single Phase String Inverter 4kW-10kW
  • Single Phase String Inverter 15kW-20kW

For those with a tighter budget and yet look for high quality and value for money, we offer you Zeversolar Inverters that give you the best of both worlds. You’re assured of quality and technology since the company is owned by SMA the world’s largest manufacturer of inverters.

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Achieve 95% energy saving Using Hippo LED

That’s what good quality LEDs can offer you over normal (incandescent) bulbs. However, most LED bulbs available in the Sri Lanka will fail in less than six months.

Take a look at the benefits of HIPPO LED lighting:

  • Life-span up to 35,000 hours (19 Years @ 5 hours per day use)
  • 1 supplier of LED lighting in Korea
  • 10 years expertise in manufacturing LEDs
  • The only LED certified by the Korean Standards Association
  • 100% Korean made in ‘state of the art’ factories

Clarion offers the following products ex-stock and also through distributors;

  • LED Bulb: 5W – 20W
  • LED Power Lamp: 30W – 70W
  • LED Ball Lamp: 5W – 10W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Downlight – Round / Square: 5W – 15W
  • LED Ceiling – Versatile Design: 25W – 50W
  • LED Ceiling – Sleek Flat Square Design: 25W – 60W
  • LED Roomlight – R/S or Rectangular: 50W
  • LED Tubelight: 9W – 20W
  • LED Ball Fixture
  • LED Light Application

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