How to Save Money on Operation & Maintenance costs

Are you incurring unnecessary costs on Operation & Maintenance?


Possible reasons/areas are:

  • Your machines and/or equipment/s may not be consuming power efficiently
  • The power supply may not have the expected quality that is required by equipment
  • Your earth may not be good enough for Lightning/ Surge Protection or Electrical system
  • Degradation of your vital electronics/equipment resulting in premature failures due to power surges: You may have ‘unsuitable’ surge protection system or none at all.

Allow the Experts at Clarion to carry out power analysis & other observations to detect anomalies and improvement required in your power network & installation and report on the following:

  1. Power Analysis
    • Power Consumption Parameters (A, kW,
    • kVA etc.)
  2. Power Quality Analysis
    • Harmonic Information
    • Voltage Variances
  3. Earth Point Measuring
    • Earthing Test – Required for Audit Reports
    • Effects on Lightning & Surge Protection
  4. Power Factor Correction Capacitor (PFCC) systems
    • If you have a system we will report on the performance of your existing Capacitor System to ensure you get regular savings.
    • If you don’t have a system we will tell you how much you can save by correcting Power Factor.
  5. Lightning / Surge protection systems
    • Your system should be checked after every lightning season.
    • Also regular revisions to be done according to international standards.

Reduce unnecessary costs on Operation & Maintenance and save energy.

Let our EXPERTS study your power network & installation.