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Achieve 95% energy saving Using Hippo LED

That’s what good quality LEDs can offer you over normal (incandescent) bulbs. However, most LED bulbs available in the Sri Lanka will fail in less than six months.

Take a look at the benefits of HIPPO LED lighting:

  • Life-span up to 35,000 hours (19 Years @ 5 hours per day use)
  • 1 supplier of LED lighting in Korea
  • 10 years expertise in manufacturing LEDs
  • The only LED certified by the Korean Standards Association
  • 100% Korean made in ‘state of the art’ factories

Clarion offers the following products ex-stock;

  • LED Bulb: 5W – 20W
  • LED Power Lamp: 30W – 70W
  • LED Ball Lamp: 5W – 10W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Downlight – Round / Square: 5W – 15W
  • LED Ceiling – Versatile Design: 25W – 50W
  • LED Ceiling – Sleek Flat Square Design: 25W – 60W
  • LED Roomlight – R/S or Rectangular: 50W
  • LED Tubelight: 9W – 20W
  • LED Ball Fixture
  • LED Light Application
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