Lightning Protection solutions against direct strikes

for Buildings & Space – FRANCE
Early Streamer Emission Products

Our partner for over 15 years. Several hundred leading Industrial & business customers in Sri Lanka. FRANKLIN FRANCE is the market leader in many countries.

 ‘Only the highest quality protection will do when lightning strikes: Like an aircraft in the sky, everything in lightning protection must work flawlessly when lightning strikes, or else you risk your assets or even life – 2nd best won’t be good enough.’

UNIQUE Features (USPs) of Franklin France ESE range:

  • Three autonomous power sources (Solar & wind) to ensure that the protector never fails when a lightning strike
  • ‘Best value for money’ with a coverage area of 79 meter radius of Level 1 protection
  • Active 2D offers a remote tester that checks if the arrestor functions properly
  • FRENCH ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY has collaborated in developing the original design.


For over 15 years we have protected several hundred large and small industries, buildings, schools, shopping complexes, open spaces and world heritage sites such as Ruwanweliseya, Abayagiriya, Jethavanaramaya, Tissamaharamaya etc (see customer list)



Lightning Conductors – Complete range of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) to protect buildings or outdoors with the following radii of coverage:

  • Active 2D60 (79m Radius)
  • Active 2D30 (48m Radius)
  • Active 1D25 (43m Radius)
  • Active 1D12 (29m Radius)
  • Remote tester to check if the arrestor functions properly
  • Counter no of strikes are counted
  • Strom warning systems