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You probably can’t look more than 100 metres in any direction without seeing something Luvata has added value to.


Luvata plays a vital part in improving end-products and the way they’re made. We supply components and materials for:


  • Heat transfer technology for everything from fruit storage and transportation to the biggest, most challenging buildings and processes in the world
    Resistance-welding technology for the latest alloys and most efficient automotive production lines in operation
  • Superconductors for the cutting-edge of science from MRI scanners to space-age research and energy generation for the future of the planet
    Switchgear, bus bars and power technology for the process, power and offshore industries
  • State-of-the-art electronic technology from anodising to on-board circuit coolers; from solar panels for cleaner energy to the core of the most popular electronic batteries and, of course, some of the most important and advanced production technology in the world.


Luvata has 36 production facilities around the world.


We offer the following LUVATA products ex-stock:

  • Earthing Solutions
  • Bus-Bars
  • Copper Tapes
  • Meshed (Faraday) Cage – BS & IEC standards
  • Finial Rods.
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