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Global leader in Power Factor Correction & Energy Management


Ever since its inception in 1928 FRAKO has maintained a technological lead globally.


In the intervening decades with strong R & D, an immense wealth of experience has been accumulated with low-loss MKP design. Today this experience forms the basis for our worldwide technological lead in power capacitors. Frako’s specialized skills lie in understanding the complex interplay of the physical, chemical and electrical factors involved.


It is precisely this knowledge base that creates the special ‘alchemy’ of FRAKO capacitors: heavy-duty units with minimum failure rates, capable of serving for well over a decade even in power networks seriously polluted with harmonics.


With over 80 years of expertise, Frako is No. 1 in Germany and in many other countries around the world It’s 30 year proven track record in Sri Lanka with over 1170 leading companies is unmatched.


Clarion is proud to say that the following high quality products have saved over Rs. 2.1 billion for our customers in the past 30 years:


  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Capacitor Contactors
  • Reactive Power Control Relays
  • Energy Management Systems
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