Benedict Austria

If you need special Contactors & controls suitable for toughest and hazardous conditions, Benedict is designed for such conditions.


BENEDICT, the 90 year old Austrian Leader with decades of experience in Research & Development in Low Voltage Switchgear that clearly distinguishes from their competitors through their special features & excellent reliability. They are market leaders for Capacitor Switching Contactors and worldwide number one in PFC industries.


Benedict switchgear is built to the highest technical standards. Where highest safety and current carrying capacity are required and where there are toughest conditions, Benedict will be the best.


Benedict Power Control Components have proved its durability in Sri Lanka for over 15 years. Nearly 1170 leading companies in Sri Lanka use these highly reliable Benedict Components mostly with capacitor systems.


We offer a wide range of high quality power control products from Benedict:


  • Contactors, Motor-Starters
  • Contactors, RAST 5
  • Switches
  • DC-Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic
  • Circuit Breakers, Load Feeders
  • Capacitor Switching Contactors
  • Manual Motor-Starters
  • Main Switches
  • Push Buttons
  • Modular Contactors & switches
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