Seven Areas where Potential Energy Savings can be Made

      1. Solutions in ventilation and air conditioning to save energy
        1. Control of ventilation fans and (45% to 85%) effect on energy efficiency; air flow control -VSD
        2. Fine control of AHUs – VSD
        3. Controlling of cooling tower fans
        4. Control of heat infiltration by UV filtering for windows and glass doors in AC areas or – we do not have
      1. Efficiency in water supply pumps and waste water treatment plants save energy
        1. Pump speed higher flow speed in pipes increases friction losses -VSD
        2. Throttle valves can waste energy. (VSD application).
        3. Monitoring of flow and switching off redundant pumps saves energy (flow sensing and switching)
        4. Replacement of old inefficient pumps (efficient pumps)
      1. Efficiency in heating applications save energy: Electricity (rare) or a fuel/ gas /fire wood to generate steam
        1. Full or partially providing solar heating for steam generation
        2. Hot air – using (Solar heater)
        3. Metal melting processes (galvanizing, lead melting, etc) and other heating continuous heating processes – these process need continuous electricity or fuel to maintain the temperature of molten metal and generally have a huge energy bill. Solar PV is a solution to compensate day time energy usage (at least 5.5 hrs)
      1. Efficiency in lighting systems to save energy
        1. More efficient lighting by measuring consumption of existing lighting (LED lighting).
        2. Efficient lighting system using a mixture of ambient and task lighting (LED lighting)
        3. Motion or intensity sensors for lighting control –
        4. Improvement of natural lighting with skylights
      1. Electrical System efficiency in general and reduction of bill.
        1. Replacement of inefficient motors with high efficient motors
        2. Replacement of inefficient drive method and torque converters with efficient speed and torque control systems (VSD alone or with special motors)
        3. Power factor correction –
        4. Solar PV systems – in special applications for reducing electrical energy consumption with solar energy.
        5. Excessive temperature in cables and switchboards –be monitored using IR thermometers or thermal imaging cameras and can be controlled with suitable corrective actions (acquiring IR thermometer).
      1. Compressed air systems save energy too
        1. Oversized compressors (compared to the demand) are inefficient and either speed control (VSD) or adding a smaller compressor to run at low load conditions would save energy.
        2. Monitoring leakages and providing a solution.
        3. Recovery of heat from compressed air for other uses – suitable heat exchangers eg- heat water or air for other usages.
      1. Energy management with monitoring save energy a great deal
        1. Different DBs and feeders of large machines can be monitored
        2. Temperature sensors of heating applications and airconditioned areas to be monitored
        3. Assess abnormal conditions of Flow measurements (water / air) and power consumption
        4. Intangible saving with improved monitoring
Identification of the areas where energy saving can be made is the key

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