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Check out the 22 ways, mostly UNIQUE to WEG that improve your motor efficiency and save your money: Click here to download

A wide range of high quality products are offered by WEG:

  • 3 phase induction motors – standard efficiency
  • 3 phase induction motors – premium efficiency categories according to IEC 34
  • Super efficiency category motors exceeding IEC 34 standards
  • VSD/VFDs
  • Induction and synchronous motors from fractional HP to 50,000kW with voltage range from 220V to 13.8kV
  • DC Motors up to 10,000kW and voltage range from 100 to 800Vdc
  • Fused Disconnectors
  • Motor Protection & Starters
  • Other Control Products.

WEG, Brazil- Our Partner for Super Efficiency Motors

Largest manufacturer of Industrial motors in Americas (North & South). Specialist in Super efficiency motors. Learn how WEG’s new W22 range of electric motors exceeds the latest energy efficiency standards and offer cost-saving benefits far higher than their competition reducing carbon footprint and cutting O&M costs.

WEG motors have a reputation for manufacturing highly reliable products that can give years of trouble free service. WEG has been identified as being among the “100 global challenger” companies that are surpassing long established multi-national companies in the US and Europe and are having a profound impact on the global economy.

The 22 ways to improve your motor efficiency and save money, These are mostly UNIQUE to WEG motors:

  1. Maximum heat dissipation.
  2. Solid integrated feet for increased mechanical rigidity and easier installation.
  3. Flat surfaces distributed in NDE (2 in the frame) and DE (two in the endshield and one in the frame) for vibration monitoring, for frame sizes 160M to 355A/B.
  4. Flexibility of terminal box mounting positions enabling reduced inventory and quicker modification.
  5. Reduced noise pressure levels: limited to 80 dB(A) at 1 m from the motor for bidirectional 50 Hz DOL motors (including two poles) until frame size 355M/L.
  6. Reduced operating temperatures though optimised cooling system (fan, fan cover and frame) designs.
  7. Reliability of can cover: withstands IK08 impact test for extra mechanical protection.
  8. Oversized terminal box for easier and safer connection of mains and accessories.
  9. New connector for fast accessories assembly.
  10. Connection reliability: terminal block design prevents cable rotation assuring extra protection.
  11. Electrically insulated bearing hub: less replacement required compared to insulated bearings.
  12. Drive endshield design promotes excellent heat dissipation via optimised fin positioning and greater bearing hub exposure.
  13. Extended lubrication intervals- less intervention leads to less maintenance costs.
  14. Efficient lubrication system – grease inlet and outlet channels developed to improve the grease passages to and from the motor bearings.
  15. New shaft sealing- WSeal®– higher protection against contaminants through a W-Ring (double lipped V-Ring) plus a metallic cap. This set simulates the effect of a labyrinth taconite.
  16. Earth terminals on both sides of the frame providing flexibility during installation.
  17. New drain plug: from an IP55 drain to an IP66 by changing drain position.
  18. New frame range with extended outputs.
  19. WISE insulation system: better materials for VFD capabilities.
  20. Flat efficiency curve: from 75% up to 100% of load the efficiency is kept constant for maximum energy saving.
  21. Standard, High, Premium and Super Premium Efficiency designs exceeding IE1, IE2 and IE3 levels defined by IEC 60034-30.
  22. Premium Efficiency ratings in the same frame sizes as High Efficiency for complete inter-changeability.

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