Lightning Protection Solutions (For Buildings & Space)


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Several features UNIQUE to Franklin France to protect you against lightning

Complete range of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) conductors (Lightning Protectors) are available to protect any building or space against lightning strikes:

  • Active 2D60 (79m Radius)
  • Active 2D30 (48m Radius)
  • Active 1D25 (43m Radius)
  • Active 1D12 (29m Radius)
  • Remote tester
  • Counter
  • Storm warning systems

Solar & wind power sources are available on Active 2D30 & 2D60 products.

FRANKLIN FRANCE, France – Our Partner for Lightning Protection.

Like an aircraft in the sky, everything in lightning protection must work flawlessly when lightning strikes, The 2nd best won’t be good enough.

 To guarantee this, Franklin France products are designed with several features UNIQUE to Franklin France:

  • Three different autonomous power sources to ensure that the protector never fails when a lightning strikes. This makes Franklin France uniquely reliable.
  • Only Franklin France covers an area of 79 meters radius of Level I protection making Franklin France unique ‘value for money’.
  • Franklin France Active 2D offers a remote tester that checks if the arrestor functions properly. Another unique feature for Franklin France.
  • The French Atomic Energy Authority has collaborated in developing the original design, unique again.

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