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11.Hippo led


95% energy saving from Hippo LED for up to 19 years.

That’s what good quality LEDs can offer you over normal (incandescent and inferior/inefficient ‘energy saving’) bulbs. However, most LED bulbs available in the Sri Lanka will fail in less than six months.

Clarion offers the following products ex-stock and also through distributors:

  • LED Bulb: 5W – 20W
  • LED Power Lamp: 30W – 70W
  • LED Ball Lamp: 5W – 10W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Par Lamp: 10W – 20W
  • LED Downlight – Round / Square: 5W – 15W
  • LED Ceiling – Versatile Design: 25W – 50W
  • LED Ceiling – Sleek Flat Square Design: 25W – 60W
  • LED Roomlight – R/S or Rectangular: 50W
  • LED Tubelight: 9W – 20W
  • LED Ball Fixture
  • LED Light Application

Take a look at the benefits of HIPPO LED lighting:

  • Life-span up to 35,000 hours (19 Years @ 5 hours per day use)
  • No. 1 supplier of LED lighting in Korea
  • 10 years expertise in manufacturing LEDs
  • The only LED certified by the Korean Standards Association
  • 100% Korean made in ‘state of the art’ factories.

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