Earthing Solutions



99.993% Purity & high quality of Luvata Copper bus bars, tapes and other products keep you safe against lightning, surges and other power network problems.

We offer the following Earthing and Copper products ex-stock:

  • Earthing Solutions
  • Bus-Bars
  • Copper Tapes
  • Meshed (Faraday) Cage – BS & IEC standards
  • Finial Rod

LUVATA, Malaysia – Our Partner for Earthing Networks and all Copper products

You probably can’t look more than 100 metres in any direction without seeing something Luvata has added value to. Luvata plays a vital part in improving ‘end-products’ and the way they’re made. LUVATA supply components and materials for:

  • Heat transfer technology, Resistance-welding technology, Superconductors for the cutting-edge of science from MRI scanners to space-age research and energy generation for the future of the planet
  • Switchgear, bus bars and power technology for the processing, power and offshore industries
  • State-of-the-art electronic technology for anodising, on-board circuit coolers, solar panels, electronic batteries and some of the most advanced production technology in the world.
  • Luvata has 36 production facilities around the world.

All these make Luvata products ideally suited to protect your assets and life.

  • Earthing Solutions
    • Pure Copper (Cu) Tapes, Rods, Plates provide the most effective long term solution
    • Purest Copper (99.993%) imported from Malaysia
    • More economical Cu Bonded Rods also available.
    • Aluminium / GI can be made available in place of Cu tapes for economy
    • Exothermic (CAD) welding for efficient and reliable earthing
    • System accessories made of Gunmetal and Brass
    • Largest stockist of Copper in Sri Lanka.
  • Bus-Bars
    • Purest Copper in the market giving you the highest conductivity
    • Special pricing for Panel Builders
    • Most sizes available ex-stock for immediate delivery.
  • Meshed (Faraday) Cage – BS & IEC standards
    • A proven conventional method.
  • Finial Rod
    • Proven conventional method more suitable for small buildings and residences.

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