Saving Options for Operational Costs in the Industry and Commercial Buildings


Cost of O&M and production of the industrial and commercial complexes can be affected by

  1. Energy consumption (kWh) – operational cost
  2. Maximum Demand (kVA) charge – operational cost
  3. Loss of production and additional maintenance cost (Cost of replacement )due to


    • Equipment failure caused by power transient due to lightning and system anomalies
    • Inadvertent tripping and capacity limitation caused by high harmonics in the system (loss of production),

Clarion Energy (Clarion International Ltd) has 35 year of experience in reducing energy bills and saving operational costs and would like to offer the following solutions to achieve these objectives.

  1. Reduction of energy consumption by means of high efficient motors and variable speed drives (VSD).
  2. Reduction of maximum demand (kVA) using power factor correction systems (or to ascertain your existing P.F. correction system achieves the optimum savings).
  3. Prevention of equipment failure (reduction of costs due to down time as well as replacement cost of failed equipment) with the use of surge and lightning protection that extends equipment life.
  4. Minimizing harmful effects caused by high harmonics that are generated by electronic loads in the system

A brief descriptions on how we achieve the above objectives are given below.



 01.   Reduction in Energy Consumption

More than 60% of the energy used by industrial and commercial complexes is consumed by electrical motors. Some applications that use electric motors can achieve up to 50% energy saving by reducing the operating speed by 20% with the use VSDs that does not affect the operation or production. We are the authorized agents of two internationally reputed brands of VSDs– ABB and WEG.

Also motor losses can be reduced by replacing the low efficient motors of high efficient categories, thereby saving energy (kWh). This is very effective with the motors that run long hours. We can supply motors manufactured by WEG in High Efficiency and Premium Efficiency categories as per IEC Standards.


02.   Reduction of Maximum Demand (kVA)

We can provide the most optimum power factor correction capacitor (PFCC) system with world renowned capacitor brand, Frako made in Germany. We provide a 3-year warranty for these capacitors and can achieve reduction of kVA charge as high as 40%, depending on the type of load. We are proud to state that over  Rs. .       million has been saved during the past …… years by out PFCC systems. If you already have a PFCC system we can check whether it is performing at its best, using power analyzers.


03.   Prevention of Equipment Failure

Equipment degradation due to surges You would have experienced that equipment / machinery failures cause two-fold losses – unexpected operational costs due to replacements and production losses.  Properly coordinated lightning protection and surge protection can achieve almost full-life of equipment / machinery by eliminating harmful surges in the connected networks (power, data, signal, etc).
Surge Protection


04.   Harmful Effects caused due to Harmonics

Most of the equipment’s in industry and commercial environments are equipped with power converters that generate harmonics in the local power system. Such harmonics could have the following harmful effects.

  • Inadvertent power interruptions in the absence of real faults, thus causing loss of production
  • Failure of capacitors (loss of kVA saving) thus incurring additional costs and limitation of equipment rating (overloading at  lower loads)

Even if your load does not have harmonics, your system could be polluted due to harmonics generated by your neighbors and can be a victim of harmonic related anomalies. We have solutions for such problems and have already solved successfully. We use quality components manufactured by Frako, Germany to solve such problems.