Surge Protection Solutions (For Electrical Equipment’s)


Reduce Maintenance costs too Save 17.5%*


High quality product, 100% manufactured in Europe and No 1 in Czech, the EU

We offer the following protection against lightning/surges mostly ex-stock:

  • Power Protection – Class 1,2,3
  • Protection for IT Networks
  • Telecom Protection
  • CCTV Protection
  • Fire control equipment Protection
  • Medical equipment Protection
  • Aviation equipment Protection
  • Railways equipment Protection
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems Protection
  • Hakel undertakes to develop Protectors for customer specific applications too.

HAKEL, Czech Republic, the EU – Our Partner for Surge Protection

Nothing can fail in an aircraft during flight, likewise when lightning strikes, your protection system MUST work or else you risk your assets and even life. Industry and business are operated by complicated electronics which can be damaged by surges causing serious production & even irreparable (eg. data) losses.

HAKEL is No 1 in the Czech Republic and a leader in the EU and several other countries:

See the special features offered by HAKEL:

  • Highest Quality manufactured in Europe for sale mostly in Europe
  • Highest quality components mostly made in-house
  • Highest protection level (Up) available in Sri Lanka
  • Warranty: You won’t need it, but we give 5 years for most protectors.

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