Services & Maintenance



Clarion ensures everything is just right!

Our devoted maintenance team along with the Engineers guarantees to provide you with prompt and efficient service at your requirement.

Have you checked the up to date Power Consumption? Power Quality? Earthing Resistance? And No maintenance for years?

  • Your machines/equipment’s may not consume power efficiently.
  • The power supply may not having expected quality that is required by machines/equipment’s.
  • Your earth may not good enough for Lightning/ Surge Protection or Electrical system.

As solutions for all above, Clarion offers you below test analysis reports at your requirement.

Power Analysis

  • Power Consumption Parameters (A, kW, kVA etc.)

Power Quality Analysis

  • Harmonic Information
  • Voltage Variances

Earth Point Measuring

  • Earthing Test – Required for Audit Reports
  • Effects on Lightning & Surge Protection

Maintenance Agreement

  • For Capacitors installed by others – let us repair or maintain the system just to make a saving for you (Conditions Apply)

Power Factor Correction Capacitor (PFCC) systems, Lightning / Surge protection systems, etc that are not being maintained by any technically specialized personnel, can be inspected, refurbished / upgraded to suit present requirements and can be maintained under an agreement.

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