Our Track Record


That’s what we’ve accomplished quietly for our customers since we were founded 30 years ago. No other company in Sri Lanka can match Clarion in its experience and client base. Our vision has always been simple: ‘to be the best in what we do’ and our strategy is even simpler – ‘Uncompromising quality and total customer satisfaction’.

In the eighties we became the No. 1 provider of Power Factor Correction systems in the island. Since then we have expanded our portfolio in to Surge & Lightning Protection, Earthing systems, Power Quality, Automation systems, Control gears, Solar PV Power Systems and LED Lighting Solutions. For decades Clarion has been recognized as a leader and a pioneer representing Europe’s  leading brands including Frako, ABB, Benedict, Franklin France, Hakel.

Our first class track record of achievements could be best judged from our Customer List which includes over 1170 of Sri Lanka’s leading companies (We serve nearly half of Sri Lanka’s ‘top-thousand’ companies) in industry, commercial buildings, plantations, hotels, garment factories, packaging, hospitals, banks, embassies, government departments and over 45 business sectors island-wide

We are proud that Sri Lanka’s biggest companies have placed their trust in us to save their energy and we delivered on their trust by saving over 2.1 billion Rupees for them. We have a first class track record of using the highest quality products and offering our unmatched superior service.

Clarion invites you to benefit from our expertise, professionalism and commitment enjoyed by over 1170 satisfied Industrial & Commercial customers to date.

Please contact us for a free and professional assessment of your requirement.

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