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100% made in Europe. With 90 year track record, Benedict power control products are designed for use in toughest and hazardous conditions.

A wide range of high quality power control products from Benedict are offered:

  1. Contactors, Motor-Starters
  2. Contactors, RAST 5
  3. Switches
  4. DC-Switch Disconnectors for Photovoltaic
  5. Circuit Breakers, Load Feeders
  6. Capacitor Switching Contactors
  7. Manual Motor-Starters
  8. Main Switches
  9. Push Buttons
  10. Modular Contactors & switches

BENEDICT, Austria – Our Partner for Power Control Components

If you need special Contactors & Controls suitable for toughest and hazardous conditions, Benedict Contactors are designed to meet just that.

Founded 90 years ago BENEDICT has decades of experience in Research & Development of Low Voltage Switchgear. Benedict’s special features and excellent reliability clearly distinguishes them from their competitors. Benedict are market leaders for Capacitor Switching Contactors and worldwide number one in PFC industries.

Benedict Power Control Components have proved their durability in Sri Lanka for over 15 years in over 1170 leading companies. These highly reliable Benedict Components mostly with capacitor systems.

1. Contactors, Motor-Starters

Benedict switchgear is built to the highest technical standards. Discover the wide range of mini contactors, motor contactors and capacitor switching contactors

Unique features of Benedict motor starters:

  • Minimum size & Maximum performance
  • Ambient temperatures – 40°C up to + 90°C
  • Designed for the operation under extreme conditions (heat, dust, sand, high humidity, vibrations, shock)
  • Bounce free, self cleaning aux. contacts, suitable for switching electronic circuits => highest contact reliability
  • Thermal Overload relays for Ex-motors.

2. Contactors RAST 5 Technology

Check the unique features of Benedict contactors:

  • Time saving installation
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Tailor-made sockets, custom – designed codes
  • Ambient temperatures up to +90°C/194°F
  • Smallest sizes
  • Plug technology up to 32 A / 415 V
  • Colour coding for power ratings
  • Colour coding for coil voltages.

3. Cam Switches and Main Switches

An effectively limitless number of switching programs can be implemented in thermal current ratings with 10A up to 1,200A. Cam switches can be used for virtually all purposes, e.g. as motor, main, control or instrument switches.

Unique advantages of Benedict cam switches comparing with competition:

  • Cam switches supplied with drive shafts made of solid aluminium
  • Customised versions promptly available
  • Main Switches and Switch Disconnectors with compact, space saving design
  • Abrasion-proof laser markings on terminals.

4. Solar Switch Disconnectors and DC-Contactors – Photovoltaic – Installations according to IEC 60364-7-712

Check the unique features of Benedict disconnectors:


  • High DC switching capacity: up to 1000V DC / 58A
  • Self-cleaning and vibration resistant knife contacts
  • Oxidation proof contacts
  • Compact design
  • Highest contact reliability.


  • High DC switching capacity: up to 1000V DC / 450A.

5. Motor Protection Circuit Breakers with special features 

There are four device sizes with a short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 100kA and tripping ranges up to 100A. Among other features circuit breakers can also be supplied with connected contactors, as fuse-less motor feeders. The ideal electrical and mechanical connection between circuit breakers and contactors is achieved by using specially designed adaptors.

Unique features of Benedict Motor Protection Circuit Breakers:

  • Rated Current 0,16A up to 100A
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Combinable with K3-contactors => Fuse-less load feeders
  • To be used as “Combination Motor Controller Type E”
  • Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 100 kA.

6. Powerful Capacitor Switching Contactors up to 100 kVAr

These quality products distinguish themselves clearly from the competition through specially designed resistors for in rush suppression. Optimised switching and loading of the capacitors extends their service life and makes an important contribution to the safety of Capacitor banks. Suitable for PFC installations with or without reactors.

Check out the unmatched advantages of Benedict capacitor contactors:

  • Global novelty: 100kVAr Capacitor Switching Contactor
  • 4 Frame Sizes: 0-12,5kVAr, 10-25kVAr, 20-75kVAr, 33-100kVAr
  • Large cable cross section for easy wiring
  • Highest switching reliability.

7. Manual Motor Starters with special features

Benedict Manual Motor Starters protect electrical motors against thermal overload, damage due to short circuits and phase failures, setting ranges up to 32A.

Outstanding advantages of Benedict Motor Starters- Just compare with competition:

  • Setting Range 0.16 – 32A, with Overload- and instantaneous Short-Circuit Release
  • Switch position-indicator
  • Short-circuit breaking capacity up to 100kA
  • Accessories: Shunt Release, Bus bar Connectors, Enclosure
  • Protection from automatic restart in combination with Under Voltage Release.

8. Main Switches and Disconnect Switches with special features

Where the highest safety and current carrying capacity are required, Main Switches and Disconnect Switches by Benedict come are ideal. Compact designs and box terminals for large cable cross-sections guarantee versatile applications.

Unique features Benedict switches comparing with competition:

  • High operational power ratings up to 160A
  • Large cable cross sections
  • 3-, 4-, 6- and 8- pole ON/OFF versions
  • 3- and 4- pole Change Over Switches
  • Multi-lock handles offer highest security
  • Aux. contacts, self cleaning, suitable for electronic circuits
  • High contact pressure.

9. Push Buttons Ø 22,5mm and Ø 30,5mm, protection degree: IP67

A major benefit of the Benedict control and signal units is their time efficient and cost effective modular design. The high level of contact reliability is achieved by using self-cleaning auxiliary contacts suitable for electronic circuits.

Unmatched advantages of Benedict push buttons:

  • Cost-saving modular system
  • Up to 9 contact blocks can be fitted on one connector
  • Super bright LED – signal lamps
  • Laser Marking
  • Unbelievable high quality.

10. Modular Contactors and Switches

In building automation systems, especially in low-noise & clean areas, particular emphasis is placed on low-noise and efficient switching of loads. Our modular devices combine both characteristics – low-noise switching with an above-average switching capacity.

Check out the unmatched advantages of Benedict contactors:

  • Modular Contactors 20A, 25A, 40A and 63A
  • Main and Emergency ON/OFF Switches for DIN rail mounting
  • Space saving sizes
  • Low switching noise
  • High power ratings
  • Low power consumption.

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